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Privacy Policy

By providing their personal data the User agrees to let their private data to be processed, stored and used in accordance with KФЗ № 152-ФЗ Personal Data Protection Law issued 27.07.2006 for the following purposes:
• Execution of customer support
• Providing customers with information on marketing events
• Conducting of audit and the rest of internal researches to improve the quality of the services rendered.
Personal data is any personal information allowing to identify the User/Buyer including the following:
• First, middle and last name
• Date of birth
• Contact phone number
• e-mail address
• Postal address
The User’s personal data must be stored only on electronic media and is processed with using automated systems except the cases when manual processing of the personal data is required in accordance with the law.
The company undertakes the obligation not to hand over the personal data to a third party except the following cases:
• According to the request of the authorized state governmental body and only in cases and in order foreseen by the Russian law
• To hand it over to strategic partners who deal with the Company to provide products and services or to those of them which help the Company to sell products and services to the consumers. We provide a third party with the minimal volume of the personal data required only for providing the service or execution of the required transaction.
The Company retain the right to make changes to the current rules in their reasonable discretion providing these changes do not contradict the Russian law currently in force. The rules changes come into force from the moment of their publication on the Website.