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Perfumers have been trying to devise a formula of an individual aroma. Chemists, biologists and doctors have been working together and individually trying to work it out. However, the key to the magic of a personal aroma was discovered by the scientists who dealt with vitomatematika.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, the inventor of vitomatematika, the most successful school of numerology, has developed an exclusive school of perfumery-creation of individual aromas which is still unique in the world. Kuznetsoff is a revolutionary and proprietary methodology of a personal and complicated composition calculation. You do not have to think of anybody’s personal preferences in that sphere. The exact date of birth of the potential aroma owner is all what you need.

The process of a formula devising as well as concentration, ratio and combination of the ingredients consists of 84 mathematical operations invented by Pythagor in the ancient times. After that an individual aroma of a top-notch and the highest concentration perfume is being born in the hands of a professional perfumer. Once the perfume is created it comes through the aging stage, where due to the special conditions applied at a certain period of time, a unique symphony bringing joy to the owner is being born.

Perfume Kuznetsoff is created from the best in the world natural ingredients produced by a leading French company located in the town of Grasse according to the specifications of the contract signed with Kuznetsoff & Co.

The products of the company have been successfully exhibited in Moscow, London and Astana. It happened due to many years of the company’s creative work focused on development of production methods and creative cooperation with the leading French perfumers and later on due to phenomenal experiments allowing every individual to select his/her own aroma. In that manner Kuznetsoff has become an international brand.

Feel free to order ‘He-She’ Kuznetsoff perfume composition created on the basis of Yin Yang concept (balance and harmony of opposites). In case of that composition aromas are calculated according to the partner’s formula and mainly for the partner. The set includes man and woman’s perfume (100 ml. per person) in hand-made marble bottles with an individual natural drawing and in a travelling version of bottles. The bottles are placed into a conceptual box with a jewelry compartment. A plastic tag with the individual number is a ‘certificate’ of the perfume uniqueness.

As stone bottles are made manually and therefore are rather expensive, they can be used several times in case of ordering the same perfume. To do that you need to apply to to Kuznetsoff& Co and provide the number of your tag (the individual formula is stored in the company’s database).

You can also order ‘classical’ execution of the perfume. In that case the customer receives a 50-ml. bottle of perfume created based on his/her own formula in stylized glass bottle with a stone cap. The bottle is inserted into a conceptual bag made of high-quality velvet.

Кuznetsoff perfume is a product created and developed for the persons who value exclusivity and an individual approach which a characteristic feature of Luxury category.

Conceptual box Yin Yang

Composition Yin Yang

Individual perfume Classic (perfume)

Individual perfume Classic PROMO