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About us

To introduce Kuznetsoff perfume, a sensational product, to the world different experts have made a great deal of efforts. It goes without saying that experiments precede scientific discoveries. Therefore, we had to verify thousands of times the fact that the formula we had devised was the efficient one before proclaiming development of a unique product.

The first research was made in cooperation with our French partners whose reputation and experience is irreproachable and so were the results of the experiments. Six laboratory assistants, employees of the world-famous company, formed a test group to take part in the experiments. 84 mathematical operations were made considering their names and dates of birth and a numerological portrait was made for each of them. Later aroma compounds were selected and perfume compositions were made based on the received data.
When the perfumes were ready they were poured into similar flask with individual numbers. Six participants were asked to smell the samples and to choose the one s/he liked the most and could identify as an ‘own’ aroma.

The results were amazing as none of the participants had made a mistake. On the contrary, each of them had chosen the composition which was made according to his/her date of birth. ‘Numerological’ perfume made delighted even the perfumer experts with a vast experience.

Afterwards, all the similar experiments had been a success which certainly meant the genuine breakthrough in aromacology.
Birth of unique and niche brand Kuznetsoff had been a result of long period of scientific researches in the field of numerology and vitmatematika. On top of that, the brand would have hardly been born unless it had had some revolutionary and unusual characteristics.

The discovery made by the International Academy of Numerology and Vitomatematiki was a genuine miracle with the same miraculous definition which reads: “Every human’s soul has its own unique aroma and its formula is hidden behind his/her date of birth”.
Each of us is unique by the own nature and each of us is an enormous universe. However, we all have something in common, namely the desire to love and to be loved. The history of the mankind is rich in different tricks used for many centuries. Their list includes bewitching, exorcism, love lotions, charming and so on although the key to the secret was literarily on the surface…

However, only the numerologists have managed to calculate the formula of the human attraction and the perfumers have managed to create a unique product which is called Aroma of Soul.

Numerous experiments have proved that there is no more beautiful scent than the aroma of the own soul. Like a magnet that aroma attracts positive emotions and thoughts, good deeds, friendly sympathies, joy, smiles and even love.
You can spent your entire life trying to win everyone’s attraction, making a great deal of efforts and spending a lot of money. However, there is another and much simpler method. All you need to do is to order unique Kuznetsoff perfume and people around will start to present you with their energy today.

The world perfume market can satisfy any sophisticated consumer’s needs. There is no deficit in aromas which are available to any customer.

However, there is always the other side of the coin. The abundance of compositions makes any choice of a perfume a real problem and sometimes it is impossible to select the right one.

The list of typical situations includes the following:

— someone has an enormous collection of perfumes but the owner is satisfied with it and is looking for the ‘own’ aroma. The search is getting more and more expensive;

— someone has been saving money for purchasing the desired perfume; however in a few days s/he doesn’t like it and it turns into a white elephant;

— some people use only the perfume which they receive as a gift even if they don’t like it at all;

Such disappointment negatively influence personal self-esteem, the spiritual and emotional conditions. Indeed, how can a person who doesn’t like him/herself can attract anybody’s attention?

Fortunately, that problem has been solved once ad forever. Long –term researches conducted by the scientists of the International Academy of Numerology and Vitomatematika have resulted in devising a formula of a happy aroma. For the first time in the history of the mankind they have created the perfume which can be given a revolutionary name of Aroma of Soul.

The secret formula is based on numerological calculations considering his/her name and the date of birth. The perfume is unique and is created exclusively and individually for each person. This is the aroma which makes you fall in love with it from the first inhale. You do not have to look for your own scent any longer as it already exists. The perfume created in honor of you will remain your favorite and one-of-a-kind forever.
What does my scent bring to you?
A man faints and loses his head from passion when he sees a beautiful woman. A woman, in her turn, faints and can do nothing with waves of passions having been caught by man’s sweet speeches. ‘A man loves with his eyes and a woman loves with her ears’, they say although the receptor, olfaction to be exact, plays the key role in that process. According to the researches the humans feel each other on the subconscious level and they make their choice when the smell generated by the other human is recognized as a desirable one.

Our happiness has its own smell which is called an aroma of the loved human. What does it consist of? In our opinion, two main aspects of it can be distinguished including:

Unique, natural and sexual smell of a human’s body perceptible on the subconscious level.
Artificial and introduced smell of aroma substances which we associated with our loved one and which increases his/her attraction as well.

A nose, our main oflactory organ, helps us to enjoy beautiful natural or artificial refined compositions created by the perfumers. Moreover, a special organ which is located near on the partition the nose end which is called the vomeronasal organ is responsible for perception of a human’s natural scent.

The organ was discovered in 1703, more than 300 years ago by the Dutch military surgeon Frederik Ruysch who found it out on a soldier’s face who had a facial wound in the nose area. A hundred years later another doctor von Soemmering confirmed that discovery during his corpses examination. Later on Englishman L Jacobson was the first who described the vomeronasal organ in many kinds of animals (the organ is also called Jacobson’s organ after the famous scientist).
The scientists have noticed the important role which Jacobson’s organ plays in formation of the sexual behavior especially in terms of animals. However, the vomeronasal organ connection with functions of genitalia and emotions has been confirmed as well. It can be proved by the fact that those people who had their rhino surgery often had problems with their sexual vigor.

Properly developed vomeronasal organ significantly determines human’s sexuality. According to the statistics people from the South and the East have a better developed vomeronasal organ compared to the Europeans (especially the those from the North).

Each human’s natural scent is as unique as fingerprints.
We use it to identify whether we like that person or not.
It is perceived on the subconscious level and that process differs from perceiving surrounding us smells.
The scent depends on specifics of hormonal and immune systems, bioenergetics filed and bacteria dwelling on our skin.
The peoples living in the South have a stronger scent compared to those who live in the North and racial differences play their important role as well.
The ability of feeling the natural scent differs depending on the sex as well. Women’s sense of smell is more refined but the men’s reaction to the attracting scent is stronger.

During the communication between the man and the woman attracted to each other with pheromones the vomeronasal organ sends signals to the brain which transforms them and as a result of that biochemical processes in their organisms change. The amount of testosterone hormone is increased and his aura along with energetic potential are changed in a man’s body. The amount of oestrogen hormone is increased in a woman’s body and she becomes positive and perceptible to the man’s courting. This how love from the first sight happens which is actually is love from the first scent. A woman’s chances to make a man fall in love with her increase during the period of ovulation when her body generates more oestrogen which increases the natural scent. The most important in that situation is that the more a man’s immune system differs from a woman’s the more likely that they will be together. In case their immune systems are similar the man reminds her brothers, her father and other relatives and does not generate any feelings and emotions let alone the desire to possess. However, another paradox tells us that women always choose men with similar scent even if extrinsically the partners significantly differ from each other in every aspect.
Aroma of love lures with its sinful apple…
What is aroma? A flash of happiness filled with light joy. A remembering carefully wrapped in a cloud of memory. Having presented us with the blessing and a flash of beauty the scent always remains an equivalent of the experienced feelings.

The human’s desire to attract the opposite sex resulted in the boom of cosmetics and perfume market. By trying to win the inclination of a potential partner we cover ourselves with a luring veil of aromas thus decreasing the natural scent of the body which actually could solve the task best of all. It is a twofold situation which makes the perfume industry to create a united ‘aroma of love’ which could increase a person’s attraction on both conscious and unconscious levels of perception. It is impossible to say how successful the current perfume products are as thee is no exact data confirmed by a number of experiments.

However, already today we can state a breakthrough in the field of perfume for stimulation of positive emotions and feelings has been made. The ‘magic formula’ has been worked out by the scientists of the International Academy of Numerology and Vitomatematika under auspices of Dr. Vladimir Kuznetsov. Long-term researches in the field of numerology, cosmography and digitology have resulted in identification of the ‘secret ingredients’ which guarantee their influence upon human’s feelings and emotions generating sympathy and love. From that time onwards the natural aromas will not decrease the human’s scent on the contrary, making it stronger.

Unique perfumes and colognes created by the scientists from the International Academy of Numerology and Vitomatematika have no analogs in the world. Each aroma is created individually for each of our clients. The perfume is designed based on the exclusive formula based on the name, the date of birth and the life code. The received aroma generates sympathies of everyone around and helps to receive their benevolence. That cutting-edge invention lies on the border of magic and fantastic.

The long-term researches made by numerologists and vitomathematicians have finally resulted in the scent which can certainly be called Aroma of Soul. Presently, each person can radically change their life filling it with a great deal of positive emotions. Colleagues’ sympathy, successful career, women’s adoration, attraction of men, easy solving of numerous problems – all that will suddenly happen to you. The most important thing to do in that case is to choose the right direction and keep your desires under control having a clear picture of what you want to achieve. And the result will come very soon.